These heirloom quality rattles are individually handcrafted by me. No two are exactly alike. Each has been meticulously handsanded to a silky smooth finish. Copper BB's inside the ends give these a wonderful rattle sound. Size is approximately 5 1/4" long and up to 1 1/2" at its widest point. I use domestic woods; primarily Walnut (dark/brown), Cherry (tan), and Maple (light/white). Non toxic, waterproof glue used. DO NOT SOAK OR PUT IN DISHWASHER!!! To clean: wipe with a damp cloth and dry with a soft cloth. Then wipe with mineral oil or cutting board oil, which is how I finish each rattle. 

Each rattle is packed in a nice little box with an info card; cleaning instructions, woods used, etc. 

I can mail directly to you or other address if this is a gift, and will include a gift note if you'd like.

Standard shipping included.

The rattle I send will be randomly selected as I know you'll be happy with any of them, though you are welcome to request a particular tone of rattle (mostly dark or mostly light, etc.).

Call or Text: (410) 382-8714

​Johnny O.